FDE Katalog 2024 | Catalogue 2024

105 Service Unser Know-how und Service für alle europäischen Hersteller Our know-how and service for all european constructors Maintenance Treat your machine regularly a makeover: a professional maintenance of your machine in our specialist workshop. This service can be carried out for all european brands and manufacturers. Maintenance includes the following: • Picking up the pallet (for safe transport) with the packaged machine by our for- warder. • Examination and testing by our trained cooling technicians. • A complete cleaning inside and outside (including blowing out, wet cleaning of the inside and greasing of all relevant seals). • For SPM machines: replacing the suction gaskets and corteco bushing. • 1 x lubricating and sealing care for further use. • A new (copied) operating manual (for you and your employees). • Secure transport back to a shipping address you have indicated. Repair Should we notice defective, missing or absolutely unsightly parts at your machine, we provide you with a totally non-binding cost estimate for the repair or replacement of these parts. You can decide what should be done beyond the agreed maintenance and cleaning.