FDE Katalog 2024 | Catalogue 2024

24,90 EUR 107 Service 6,90 EUR Lubrication grease for slush machines (150 ml) Spezial Schmier- und Dichtungspflege für Slusher (150 ml) Tap complete for SLUSHYBOY® slush machine (SPM), different colors and models Ausgabe komplett für SLUSHYBOY® Slusher (SPM), versch. Farben und Modelle Technische Anleitungen Technical instructions www.unverfroren.de/de/service Video Anleitungen Video instructions www.unverfroren.de/de/video_gallery Reduce the failure risk You might also invest something in the optics or advertising power of your machine by donating your machine a few new bowls or lid panels? As part of a maintenance, our raw material customers receive a 20% discount on all spare parts. Of course we do nothing without direct consultation with you and if everything is okay, we will just inform you that the machine is ready for dispatch and ready for usage. In this way, you reduce the risk of failure of your machine during the high season and obtain the value of your investment. Spare part service Of course, you can also exchange a lot of spare parts by yourself, such as faucet handles, seals, light bulbs, bowls, lids or drip trays. We have the most important spare parts for all european producers in stock. In our web-shop you will find an overview. If you can‘t find a part there, please give us a call, we can surely help you. Scrappage bonus If you think the cost estimate especially for old or broken machines seems to be too high, then you might consider our „scrapping bonus“. Just contact us! Technical instructions You can also find and download a lot of technical instructions at www.unverfroren.de/en/service or even take a look at our video instructions at www.unverfroren.de/en/video_gallery.