FDE Katalog 2024 | Catalogue 2024

59 Maschinen & Zubehör The new economicals - the ECO Line saves electricity and looks great The dissatisfied we owe progress. With increasing environmental awareness on the customer side grows the desire for power saving slush ice machines. We will gladly fulfill this wish with a real “technology revolution”, the POWER SLUSHER ECO HC+. With this machine the ecologically minded gastronome finally finds a future-oriented, energy saving slush ice machine in ultra modern design with insulated bowls in which the exchange of heat between ambient and product temperature is much lower than in conventional single-­ walled slush ice bowls. This requires less performance effort from the slush ice machines to freeze the product to the desired consistency. And that saves money! In addition, the product is cooled down rapidly and faster ready to dispense than in previous models. The higher the difference between ambient temperature and product temperature in the bowl, the higher is the possibility that condensation water will appear on the bowls. In addition with high humidity an ice layer around the bowl can appear quickly. Many users perceive this as an annoyance. The compressor is the heart of the slush ice machine. It pumps the refrigerant through the refrigerant circuit as the heart pumps blood through the body. It also ensures that even at ambient temperatures of up to 38 °C the full functionality is guaranteed. Thus, the compressor is also the component in a slush ice machine, which causes the highest power consumption. The compressors of many slush ice machines run continuously, even in night mode. The POWER SLUSHER ECO HC+ is equipped with an intelligent electronic control system which ensures that the compressor is only running when it's needed. The day and night mode can be easily programmed via LED illuminated and intuitive touchscreen. So the slush ice is ready for sale just in time with opening.